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Does the child have trouble with or delayed development in:

  • Phonemic awareness (hearing and manipulating sounds)
  • Learning the alphabet
  • Rhyming words
  • Connecting sounds and letters
  • Counting and learning numbers
  • Remembering what his/her teacher said
  • Reacting too much or too little to noise
  • Using words or stringing words together into phrases
  • Pronouncing words
  • Paying attention and following directions
  • Remembering the names of colors
  • Integrating instructions


Does the child have trouble with/in:

  • Learning new vocabulary
  • Speaking in full sentences
  • Understanding the rules of conversation
  • Retelling stories
  • Remembering newly learned information
  • Playing with peers
  • Moving from one activity to another
  • Expressing thoughts orally or in writing
  • Decoding words fluently
  • Reading sight words and spelling sight words correctly
  • Reading fluently
  • Following a classroom routine
  • Summarizing and/or paraphrasing reading information
  • Following directions/instructions
  • Self-esteem
  • Remembering routines
  • Learning new skills
  • Understanding what he or she reads
  • Succeeding in one or more subject areas
  • Understanding what information presented in class is important
  • Modulating voice (may speak too loudly or in a monotone)
  • Keeping notebook neat and assignments organized
  • Remembering and sticking to deadlines
  • Understanding how to play age-appropriate board games

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